Tax Tips for Music Teachers

Tax Tips for Music Teachers Understand how is a Musician’s income is defined: All payments for gigs or teaching is defined as income… regardless of whether you receive a 1099 at the end of the year. Some people think if you do not get a 1099 then it is not reportable income. This is actually untrue. If you have income in any form, it is required to be reported on your Taxes!. The form 1099-MISC tax form is supposed to be filed on any payments made to an individual for services amounting to more than $600 in any calendar year.   Professional fees: Do you have an agent or some other representation? Do you belong to the musician’s union? Have you paid an accountant to do your taxes in the past? All of these fees are deductible.   Record your Lessons: Making an audio recording of your lessons is a…Keep Reading

The App That Pays You!

Steps to get Paid: Download the LessonRecord App from the IOS App Store Have your students upgrade their accounts to Premium Access Get Paid $10 per every student who upgrades! – See details below   For a limited time only, LessonRecord will pay you $10 for each one of your students who upgrades their account to premium access.  That’s right, your students upgrade and you get paid. It’s that simple… There are two ways for your students to upgrade their accounts: Students can login to their web portal here: Web Portal Login Students can go directly to the LessonRecord store here: LessonRecord Store    Premium Access will provide your students with the following benefits: Unlimited storage of lesson recordings and notes Unlimited access to both Mobile and Desktop web portals Share-ability – students can share web portal access with parents, band directors, and anyone else who would have an interest in…Keep Reading

Business Lessons Learned from Musicians

Here are 9 lessons that business leaders can learn from musicians. Business leaders getting advice from musicians? Nice! “Make Fans, not Customers” “Collaboration” “Timing is Everything” ….to name a few Click here to read more

Fireworks in your Brain!

Fireworks go off in your brain every time you pick up your musical instrument! Playing music is the brain’s equivalent of a full-body workout…Brain scanners show what happens in our brains… Learn more in this cool video!  

Music teachers on Facebook: separating the wheat from the chaff

My professional life is better because of my Facebook presence that I control from the comfort of my hilltop home in a small town. I have made connections with numerous wonderful teachers I might not have met otherwise. I have discovered new books and interesting repertoire and also have contributed my two cents when I felt called to do so. I recognize, however, that I have been thrown without rank or file, onto a massive heap of piano teachers…. – Read More

Musicians From Marlboro Take Their Lessons on the Road

The Marlboro music festival is doing a lot of outreach lately… Apprenticeship — learning from and working alongside a master — has largely fallen out of fashion in the arts. But it’s embedded in Marlboro Music, the school and festival in Vermont that each summer brings together established artists and rising talents. On Tuesday, its touring arm, Musicians From Marlboro, inaugurated a new series at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall… Read the Full Article

How much do music artists earn online?

This is a really great info graphic showing how much musicians earn online from posting their music on sites such as iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. It really looks like things are stacked against us…. Being a musician myself, I know that this job isn’t exactly a recipe for big money earning; but, after reading this infographic, things seem even more positively frakked for artists.Looking at the numbers, it seems to me that the system just doesn’t give respect to the value that the musicians and producers themselves have put into their products….. Read the full Article check out the infographic