Steps to get Paid:

  1. Download the LessonRecord App from the IOS App Store
  2. Have your students upgrade their accounts to Premium Access
  3. Get Paid $10 per every student who upgrades! – See details below


For a limited time only, LessonRecord will pay you $10 for each one of your students who upgrades their account to premium access.  That’s right, your students upgrade and you get paid. It’s that simple…

There are two ways for your students to upgrade their accounts:

  1. Students can login to their web portal here: Web Portal Login
  2. Students can go directly to the LessonRecord store here: LessonRecord Store 

Premium Access will provide your students with the following benefits:

  • Unlimited storage of lesson recordings and notes
  • Unlimited access to both Mobile and Desktop web portals
  • Share-ability – students can share web portal access with parents, band directors, and anyone else who would have an interest in monitoring the student’s progress.

* Student’s cost for upgrade: $20 for 12 months of access

What do you (the teacher) have to do? 

  • If your student already has a previous lesson recording all you have to do is ask the student to upgrade their account by using one of the methods listed above.
  • If you have a new student or a student who doesn’t have a previous lesson recording, you can use the LessonRecord App to create a lesson recording and assign it to the student.  The student will then have an account that is eligible to be upgraded to premium access by using one of the methods listed above.

How will you (the teacher) get paid?

  • When your students upgrade their accounts to premium status, you will earn a credit in your teacher account.  At the end of the month, you will receive a Visa gift card containing your cash reward ($10 for each student who has upgraded).

So what are you waiting for?  Ask your students to upgrade today!


LessonRecord Description:

LessonRecord is the best app for Music Teachers who want to Record, Save, and Share their students’ music lessons. It helps teachers stay organized and provides a valuable learning tool for students. LessonRecord is a Simple, Easy-to-Understand Tool designed to enhance the Music Lesson process for teachers and students alike.

Features include:

  • Record Audio and Notes – record music lessons and easily share through web portal cloud access.
  • Share with Students or Parents – provide lesson archive access to students, parents or colleagues. Share one lesson at a time, or provide access to the student’s entire lesson history.
  • Keep Track of Daily Lessons – LessonRecord automatically creates an organized archive of all your lessons. Access recordings later, add notes and save.
  • Stay Organized – maintain a record of all past lessons and reference it later for billing or tax reasons.

To Learn More or to download the mobile app, visit